Mega Toy Fair

Mega Toy Fair
03/06/2017 - 04/06/2017

A great array of Collectable items and Old toys and models from “today and yesteryear”…  AUSTRALIA’S largest such event hosting now for 24 years! With 265 tables for the interested person to peruse over – there will be something for everyone young and old…

Nintendo – Slot Cars – Comics - Tintoys – Diecast models – Plastic Kits – Beany Bears – Barbi Dolls – Game boys – Collector Cards – Kellogg toys – Batman – Planes – Board Games – Teddy Bears – McDonald Toys – Records – Model Trains – Meccano  etc. etc. etc. and soooo much more – it’s just the fun to come and have a look! You’ll never know what could be there?   100 Traders offering a HUGE variety to check out…  hope to see you there!   (Psst tell your friends too!)

Opening Times:

SAT:  10am – 5pm 

SUN:  10am – 3pm

Entry Cost:

Adults $8

Con/Pen $7

12 -17 Yrs $2

Under 12 Yrs FREE

Parking Facilities: Ticketed Parking via Rose Terrace
Pavilion: Stirling Angus Hall
Catering Facilities: Retail Catering
Entry Gate/s: Kidman & Ridley
Organiser Contact Name: Andreas Flenche
Organiser Contact Phone: 0419 60 50 70
Organiser Email:
Social Media:
















Event - Mega Toy Fair